Science is fascinating and Smithsonian Explanatorium Science ($38.99, DK) proves it.

Smithsonian Explanatorium Science is a big, heavy book that offers a simplistic (as possible) look at various topics under the categories of matter, reaction and materials. Each double page spread takes a look at a subject, for example how sexual reproduction works, and gives you a step by step breakdown. In this case, there is a magnified picture of an egg and sperm as well as pictures of the steps the egg goes through to develop into a fetus. It is incredibly fascinating.

Within the pages are various other pieces of information that helps you to understand how sexual reproduction works including cell division and various types of fertilization, including frogs (with offers another amazing picture of a frog surrounded by fertilized eggs protected by soft jelly.) I found the section on nanoparticles equally as interesting and I apparently like photographs of magnified cells.

Smithsonian Explanatorium Science shows how to breakdown the DNA of fresh strawberries, including separating DNA. “Pure DNA, looking like white slime, can be picked up with tweezers.” It is disgustingly fascinating. And truly amazing.

I confess I am going to go onto GoodReads and mark this book down as read, but know I am lying. I didn’t read this book cover to cover, although I did read a good chunk of it.

Smithsonian Explanatorium Science is one of those visually stunning books you are going to flip through, stop at a section that interests you – how the sun works; how recycling works (interesting); and what are the states of matter – put it down and pick it up another time. It’s also something you will turn back, too, to look up information or simply learn more about How Science Works with great information and beautiful photographs.

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A copy of this book was provided by DK Books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.