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March 2020

Reaffirming my belief that bats are amazing – DK’s The Bat Book reviewed

Bats are amazing and DK's The Bat Book proves it.

Bookmarks and bee hotels, DK’s Recycle and Remake Creative Projects offers great ideas to help recycle and reuse

Great craft ideas to reuse items destined for the trash.

Interesting stories in Rebecca Otowa’s The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper

The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper offers a look at Japanese culture in this collection of short stories.

Keep kids learning with The Complete Baking Cookbook for Young Chefs

Baking is a great activity you can do with your child - it's delicious and educational. The Complete Baking Book got Young Chefs offers a number of delicious recipes to try.

Spring may be coming – Let’s Get Gardening: DK book reviewed

Think spring and start planning your garden with DK's Let's Get Gardening, 30 easy gardening projects for children.

Julia Nobel’s The Secret of White Stone Gate provides adventure, puzzles and fun for the middle grade set

Book 2 in Canadian author Julia Nobel's middle grade series offers action, adventure and a quick read. Wanting Book 3 as soon as possible please.

Q&A with Canadian illustrator/author Celia Krampien about her debut picture book Sunny

Canadian illustrator Celia Krampien talks about Sunny, her debut picture book.

DK Smithsonian Journey offers a fascinating look at the world of human exploration

From the Acient World to travel today and times in between this DK Smithsonian illustrated book is packed full of information about human exploration and travel.

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