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Interesting facts and key science concepts explained in DK’s The Steam Team Explains

Key science concepts are explained in DK's The Steam Team Explains, offering interesting information about all things science, technology, engineering, art and math.

DK The Book of Bedtime Builds is perfect for the child who was their story time, but Lego, too

This DK Lego book ofers children stories and the opportunity to build a Lego figurine.

Get to know Canadian women trailblazers with Canadian Women Now+Then

Learn the stories of more than 100 Canadian women trailblazers in this Kids Can Press book.

A fascinating look at How Science Works with DK’s Smithsonian Explanatorium Science

DK's Smithsonian Explanatorium Science explains science in a way that is easy to understand and visually stunning.

DK’s The Wonders of Nature is a beautiful addition to a home library

DK's The Wonders of Nature should be in everyone's home library. It's a beautiful book with lots of information.

Book Time joins the Krista Brock blog tour featuring Calvin and Ollie

Book Time joins the Krista Brock blog tour, with an author Q&A Nov. 19.

We’ll be enjoying Crafty Science fun this March Break thanks to DK books

Great craft ideas from DK while learning about science while on March Break.

Let the STEAM Team help you understand the world of science, technology, engineering, art and math

DK Books' The STEAM Team offers simple science explained.

Illustrated guide helps you understand the wonders of the science

Despite the illustrations, which are appreciated, the information in this book is still complex. Perfect for bedtime reading for the science fan.

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