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March 2022

Great story, lesson in Tom Percival’s latest picture book

What an amazing book from Tom Percival and Raincoast Books. The picture book encourages children to continue trying even when their world is bit upside down.

Fast read in Rosie Walsh’s latest book The Love of My Life

The Love of My LIfe is one of those books you can't say much in fear of spoiling everything.

Didn’t see that coming: Fight Like a Girl reviewed

FIght Like a Girl by Sheena Kamal is set in Toronto and features "hella fierce," Trisha, a 17-year-old Muay Thai kickboxer who begins to suspect something is going on at her house.

Q&A with Markham author Wendy Poole about Remembering, set during the Second World War

In this author interview, Wendy Poole talks how her mom's stories about the war years inspired her new book, Remembering: A Time of Great Purpose.

Excellent read by C.S. Porter: Beneath her Skin reviewed

Quick read for C.S. Porter's debut novel, a crime thriller set in the maritimes.

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