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October 2020

Celebrating Halloween and fall with picture books

Perfect day to read about unicorns and pumpkins, fall migration and nuts that fall from trees and pinecones that are all squirrels.

What!? – Earthlings by Sayaka Murata reviewed

Speechless - sort of. Earthlings, by Sayaka Murata, took a weird twist at the end.

How to Cook a Princess – a step-by-step guide on how to prepare, cook and eat princesses – is not for kids

How to Cook a Princess is funny, but also gross. And a bit sick. This is not a Halloween book for a little one.

Mindfulness, the Most Important Mathematician You’ve Never Heard of and Voices of Justice: picture books reviewed

Mindfulness, woman mathematician (you never heard of before) and Voices of Justice picture books reviewed.

Shouting it from the rafters – The Lady with the Books is a must-read and the true story of Jella Lepman must be shared

An amazing story about an amazing woman, Jella Lepman, who saw the importance of books in helping children recover from the Second World War.

Stunning book – DK’s The Mysteries of the Universe

Stunning. DK's The Mystery of the Universe is beautiful. And fascinating.

Another great read – Antoine Laurain’s The Readers’ Room

Another quick read by Paris-based author Antoine Laurain, this one a thriller involving book, a reading prize and an unsolved crime.

Q&A with Cheryl M. Bradshaw about sex and consent

I interview Ontario author Cheryl M. Bradshaw who talks sex and consent in her latest book for pre-teens and teens (and their parents and educators).

Halloween, Disney villains, a ghost story, night and hugs – books reviewed

Halloween is a perfect time for a ghost story for the middle grade set, with picture books about bed, witches, hugs and Disney Villains.

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