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Q&A with Jacqueline Firkins, author of Heart Strings, and Other Breakable Things

Jacqueline Firkins talks about her young adult book Herts, Strings, and Other Broken Things, Jane Austen and diverisfying the young adult genre.

Build Yourself Happy with LEGO and DK Books

Embrace your inner child and Build Yourself Happy with DK Books and LEGO.

A Wish is a Seed: beautiful picture book reviewed

Beautiful picture book about the power of wishes.

Author keeps you guessing in Your Truth or Mine

Quick read that will kept you guessing until the end.

Graphic novel shares stories of six Holocaust survivors

This graphic novel shares the stories of six Jewish children who survived the Holocaust.

Christmas Reads to Holiday Travel to the U.K. and Italy

A new Christmas read and an old one, inspire travel to the U.K. and Italy this holiday season and beyond. Holidaying in Italy and the U.K. with these two Christmas reads. Merry Christmas! Source: Christmas Reads to Holiday Travel to... Continue Reading →

Beautiful picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas

Lions, dinosaurs doing yoga and pirates - great collection of picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas.

7 Great Gifts for Travellers

Some of the books I wrote about on Book Time that would make a perfect gift, also got mentioned on this @followsummer list of gifts for the traveller in your life. Merry Christmas. 7 Books travel books and memoirs that... Continue Reading →

Books you should put under your Christmas tree this year

Want a book recommendation for Christmas? Here are several you can put under your Christmas tree this year.

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