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Get your kids brains active this summer with these books and game from Raincoast Books

Keep kids learning this summer without realizing it with these books from Raincoast Books.

Forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod looks for a victim in a potential crime scene in Time for the Dead to have their revenge..

This is the 14th book of the series. When you read it, you realize you are missing a lot, but it is still a good read.

Fabulous read with laugh-out-loud moments in Alexandra Potter’s confessions of a forty-something f##k up

This new release by Alexandra Potter shows you not everyone's life is exactly how they thought it out be.

Start a new hobby – raise Monarch butterflies with Toronto author Carol Pasternak

Learn how to raise Monarch butterflies through all its stages in this guide book from Toronto author Carol Pasternak.

Middle grade, young adult books tackles issues of human trafficking, poaching and telling your story

These middle grade and young adult books make tough topics of human trafficking, poaching and telling your own story accessible.

Important lessons about consent and standing up for yourself in He Must Like You

Main character Libby has a lot to deal with in Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman's latest young adult book He Must Like You about consent, rage and standing up for yourself.

DK’s Children’s Cookbook and eat, feel fresh, a plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook reviewed

Lots of pictures and a variety of recipes in the Children's Cookbook, while eat feel fresh offers tons of information and unique dishes to create.

The Last Lie continues the story created by Patricia Forde in The List

Don't read this review if you haven't read Patricia Forde's fabulous young adult dystopian book The List.

Q&A with Maggie Downs about her book Braver Than You Think, part memoir part travelogue

Maggie Downs quit her job and travelled the world while her mom was in the late stages of young-onset Alzheimer's disease. Braver Than You Think documents her trip around the world in honour of her mom.

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