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February 2019

Highly recommended: middle grade book Pay Attention Carter Jones

I highly recommend reading, buying, sharing Pay Attention Carter Jones.


Quotes & Questions is a fun journal that helps capture kids quotable moments

Quotes & Questions allows you to capture your child's quotable moments.

Let the STEAM Team help you understand the world of science, technology, engineering, art and math

DK Books' The STEAM Team offers simple science explained.

Klawde Evil Alien Warlord offers laugh-out-loud moments and a whole lot of catisms

Klawde Evil Alien Warlord Cat offers some laugh-out-loud moments.

Happiness is found within A Velocity of Being, Letters to Young Readers

A book written by people who love books. Perfect.

Illustrated guide helps you understand the wonders of the science

Despite the illustrations, which are appreciated, the information in this book is still complex. Perfect for bedtime reading for the science fan.

Travel to Norway and Sweden With Two Books

This month I travel to Norway and Sweden, two Scandinavian countries that may be as cold as our own, but their beauty makes it worth the frostbite! Source: Travel to Norway and Sweden With Two Books

Favourite Family Reads Before Traveling to Paris

The whole family can read their way through Paris, France, with these children, young adult and adult books. Source: Favourite Family Reads Before Traveling to Paris

Q&A with Julia Nobel about the adventure/mystery middle grade book The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

The Myster of Black Hollow Lane is the first book in a series by British Columbia author Julia Nobel. Read my Q&A.

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