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May 2017

Transgender youth fights sexist dress code in The Pants Project: review

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky) was a wonderful book. The book is about a person named Liv (Not Olivia) who is transgender, “which a bit like being a transformer. Only not quite as cool... Continue Reading →

#IsCanadaEvenReal? ET Canada’s J.C. Villamere finds out

Any book that asks #IsCanadaEvenReal? , then starts the pocket-sized book by ET Canada's J.C. Villamere ($15.99, Dundurn) with this country's hobos, beginning with The Littlest Hobo, is book I want to read. Beavers follows hobos with Round 3, 4... Continue Reading →

DK’s The Flower Book: 60 flowers to dream about

Despite dreams of an English country garden where I have a continuous show of colour from early spring to fall, my garden looks best in mid-spring when there are still some bulbs blooming along with a large splash of pink... Continue Reading →

A Month of Mondays by Joelle Anthony is an excellent, funny read

I loved A Month of Mondays by Joelle Anthony ($11.95, Second Story Press) is about Suze Tamaki, whose life gets turned upside down when her mother suddenly reappears after abandoning her family 10 years before. Once Suze gets over her... Continue Reading →

Reviewing graphic novels Wires and Nerve (Lunar Chronicles) and Lowriders

I haven't read the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer, although I suspect I would probably quite like it. Instead, my first foray into that world came by reading Wires and Nerve (Marissa Meyer, $27.99, Raincoast Books, Feiwel and Friends),... Continue Reading →

Reviewing The Doll’s Eye, a creepy book by Marina Cohen

The Doll's Eye by Marina Cohen is creepy. The concept is cool, with elements of the supernatural. The Doll's Eye ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Roaring Brook Press) is a story about Hadley, whose mother, stepfather and stepbrother move into a musty, decomposing house whose previous... Continue Reading →

Strong women, gentlemen and love in Cindy Anstey’s Regency period books

I loved Cindy Anstey's Love, Lies and Spies ($11.50, Raincoast Books, Swoon Reads) about Juliana Telford, a 19th century woman who is more interested in publishing her research on ladybugs than in marriage until she meets Spencer Northam, a gentleman,... Continue Reading →

It’s the May 2-4, time to think gardening and growing vegetables in a pot

We used to have a fairly large backyard garden, but then the trees grew, blocking out the sun for most of the day, and forcing us to abandoning the vegetable patch. We now have two containers on our front deck,... Continue Reading →

Learning about life and family through books and cookies

I love books about people who love books. In the words of Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables  by Lucy Maud Montgomery), the characters are kindred spirits, who understand the happiness books bring, and that the stories within its page... Continue Reading →

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