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October 2021

Powerful book, great read in Small Things Like These

Small Things LIke These is a powerful, non-fiction story based on the true events of the Magdalen laundries in Ireland.

Celebrating Halloween – and other beautiful picture books

Some beautiful picture books reviewed including two that are perfect for Rembrance Day. There are books to celebrate Halloween, fall, children and even Easter.

Find a Destination to Travel Again – With Books

Travel to the jungles of Costa Rica and the beauty of Australia through the eyes of these main characters in two books from PGC Books. Source: Find a Destination to Travel Again – With Books

Book Time: 5 books for kids, middle graders and adults you should read, too

This blog post was originally published in and copied here with permission. I used to read every book I ever started, start to finish regardless of if I was enjoying it. Not any longer. Now only books I love make... Continue Reading →

Block off an afternoon for Karen Swan’s latest Midnight in the Snow

Karen Swan's latest book was a bit slow to start, but once it hooked me in, I was committed to the end.

Q&A with Canadian author Patricia Miller-Schroeder and her book Sisters of the Wolf

I interview Canadian author Patricia Miller-Schroeder about her book Sisters of the Wolf, a young adult/middle grade book 35 years in the making.

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