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August 2020

So much to be said that can’t be said when talking about Megan Hunter’s The Harpy

I would love to talk about this book, but it would wreck it for you. Instead, I suggest you read it and then we can talk about it. But in the meantime, now that I know the ending, I will be re-reading it.

Beautiful story with the perfect ending in My Name is Konisola

If you remove two parts of the book I didn't like, you'll find a beautiful story about love, and doing anything for it, and finding family.

Heartbreaking, but great read in Eric Walters’ The King of Jam Sandwiches by Orca Book

Based on author Eric Walters' childhood, The King of Jam Sandwiches shares the story of Robbie, who is not like most 13 year olds.

11 of the Best Beach Reads of Summer 2020

In our last month of summer 2020, it's time to find a bit of water and enjoy these summer beach reads. Source: 11 of the Best Beach Reads of Summer 2020

Q&A with Mary Beth Leatherdale, author of the picture book Terry Fox and Me

In Mary Beth Leatherdale's latest book, she shares the story of friendship between Terry Fox and his friend Doug Alward. Learn more in this author Q&A.

Amazing message and great information about the LGBTQ community in Desmond Is Amazing’s Be Amazing book

Be Amazing by Desmond is Amazing encourages kids - all kids - to be proud of themselves and express themselves how it feels right in their hearts. Plus it gives information about the history of the LGBTQ commuity.

Fast read, powerful messages in Michael F. Stewart’s Heart Sister

Michael F. Stewart's Heart Sister, due out Sept. 15 from Orca Book Publishers, is a fast read and shares the story of Emmitt, who is grieving the loss of his twin sister and coming up with a way to bring her back - in spirit.

Hockey Night in Kenya is a story about friendship, determination and playing hockey in East Africa

This book for readers seven to nine features a boy with a dream of being an ice hockey player - in Kenya. The hockey team is real and so is the orphanage, but the story is fiction.

Beautiful illustrations and message in Sophie Blackall’s If You Come to Earth

What a beautiful picture book in both illustrations and message. This is a book I will be giving as a gift, likely over and over.

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