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March 2021

Loving Rose Reisman’s latest cookbook – Meal Revolution

I am excited about cooking - and eating - thanks to Rose Reisman's Meal Revolution.

Learning about the world’s first female rabbi – born almost 500 years ago

Learn about the world's first female rabbi, born almost 500 years ago in the MIddle East in this picture book.

Dreaming of Nova Scotia with Three Books

With these 3 books, I find myself dreaming of driving to Nova Scotia, Canada, hanging out on its beaches and swimming in its waters. Source: Dreaming of Nova Scotia with Three Books 

Two great books – The Immortal Boy and Just Like That reviewed

I recommend both this books, The Immortal Boy for young adults and Just Like that for the middle grade set.

7 books to celebrate the achievements of women

March is Women's Month. Learn about women's achievements and celebrate their successes.

The School of Life’s An Emotional Menagerie is an amazing book for everyone who has an emotion

An Emotional Menagerie teaches people young and old about emotions and how to make the best of each one - from A to Z.

Strange, disturbing and down-right scary – Inhabit Media’s Taaqtumi, an Anthology of Arctic Horror Stories reviewed

A collection of arctic short horror stories - perfect bedtime reading.

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