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November 2020

Erich Hoyt showcase Strange Sea Creatures in this coffee table book

You may want to stay out of the ocean - or at least stay on the surface - after reading Strange Sea Creatures by Erich Hoyt.

Picture books about homelessness, finding your identity and foster care

These picture books tackle some serious issues - homelessness, foster care, mental health and finding your identify.

Q&A with Nicholas Oldland, creative director of Hatley clothing and author of books featuring Bear, Moose and Beaver

Bear, Moose and Beaver return in Nicholas Oldland's latest book Hockey in the Wild. I interview the author/illustrator/clothing maker in this Q&A.

Inspiring, beautiful – in message and pictures – this book is for children and adults to remember how to live life to the fullest

Everything about this picture book is beautiful message and pictures - and would be great for kids of all ages, and their adults.

Beautiful message in Matt Haig’s The Truth Pixie Goes to School

Beautiful message about the importance of loving yourself at the end of this book by Matt Haig.

Together By Christmas – another excellent read from the prolific writer Karen Swan

Another amazing read by Karen Swan, this one set in the Netherlands and featuring both St. Nicholas Day and Christmas.

Delicious-sounding recipes and photos and funny introductions – lots to love in Suzie Durigon’s Just Crumbs Baked cookbook

It might be a problem - so many delicous sounding recipes in Suzie Durigon's Just Crumbs Baked cookbook.

Folklore and magic: two middle grade books reviewed

Two great middle grade reads - The Way Past Winter and The Nightmare Thief.

Start your child’s day with Bud Sprout Bloom, affirmation cards to help kids feel good and boost confidence

No one is too old to be reminded how wonderful they are. Bud bloom sprout affirmation cards were created by a Toronto mom who wants to help children love themselves.

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