I have met The Truth Pixie before, in Matt Haig’s A Boy Called Christmas or perhaps The Girl who Saved Christmas, I can’t remember. Either way, she is a pixie found at the North Pole along with Father Christmas and his cast of characters.

I didn’t realize this was the second book featuring the Truth Pixie, who – as her name implies – can only speak the truth.

My son liked both of the books we have read before, but after two pages of reading this one, he asked me to stop. He isn’t interested in books that rhyme. And while impressive, it’s not my favourite either.

In the Truth Pixie Goes to School, the pixie is friends with Aada, who moved to a new town and doesn’t quite fit in with the other children, who don’t like Aada herself and really don’t like that she hangs around a pixie.

“Oh, Aada, I’m sorry
About these people at school.
I had no idea
Humans can be so cruel.”

When the Truth Pixie goes back to the North Pole, where we see some of the characters from the other two books, the kids start to be friends with Aada.

But Aada misses her pixie friend, who has always tried to to remind her that being true to herself and liking herself is the most important thing.

There is a beautiful message at the end.

The Truth Pixie goes to School is $20.95.

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