There are some people who would rather swim in a swimming pool then jump in a lake or an ocean. I am not one of those people, however, I must say I could see those people’s point after reading Erich Hoyt‘s Strange Sea Creatures.

In fairness, however, most of the creatures featured in this coffee table book are found deeper than you would be able to swim even with a Scuba tank strapped to your back and are actually quite small – some a less than an inch long and some are so small you are only going to see them using a microscope.

That said, the photos are spectacular, albeit a bit creepy.

Take the King Ragworm, for instance. Related to an earthworm, this creature, when mature, can grow up to 20 inches long and live about 33 to 49 feet deep. They emerge from their burrow, snake-like, and sink their two teeth into their prey and dragging the victim back to its home. I should note, it looks more like a colourful centipede then an earthworm. Disgusting.

You probably also don’t want to encounter the Deepsea Lizardfish with its nasty looking sharp teeth. This creature, which lives about 8,200 feet below the surface, will eat anything – including its own kind.

The creatures are divided into three sections: Surface waters of the ocean at night; shallow to deep dark waters; and the bottom dwellers, those living on the Continental Shelf to the Abyssal Plain.

Each creature gets its own page with a great photograph and information about the creature including where its found (both geographical and water depth) and any details Hoyt may have.

There are some fascinating sea creatures in this book, many of which I have never heard of before.

Hoyt writes a really powerful message about the ocean and us humans who are destroying that is worth the read. The author has spent much of his life on are beside the sea and has written 24 books.

Strange Sea Creatures is $24.95 and is from Firefly Books .

A copy of Strange Sea Creatures is courtesy of Firefly Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.