It is so important to remind kids how wonderful they are.

When my son was younger, I had a whiteboard where I wrote down all what made him wonderful because despite me telling him that, he often doubted how amazing he was. I would read the points – funny, smart, a good friend – during story-time, and when he talked badly about himself, we would pull it back out and read it, adding new points as I thought of them.

I am not sure why we stopped, but the Bud Sprout Bloom kit has made me realize it’s time to do it again and that no kid – or adult for that matter – is too old be be reminded of all that makes them wonderful and unique.

“Bud Sprout Bloom understands that personal growth is as unique as the individual,” says the introductory card of the kit. “Some people may bud, while others sprout but, no matter what, everyone will bloom.”

bud bloom sprout offers 20 affirmation cards to help children
boost confidence and learn to love themselves.

I love everything about this kit. There are 20 affirmation cards to use daily with our children. Each large card (made with heavy card stock) offers an affirmation that promotes “good feelings, boosts confidence, and teaches self-love while opening the lines of communication.”

For example, a card says “I am Safe, Protected Guarded. I trust my instincts, and they will lead me to safety. List three things that help you feel safe.” There are three spots where children or their parents can write down their answer. The idea is to say the affirmation many times throughout the day so that children (and their parents) realize this to be true.

Each card has the bud bloom sprout colours and logo on the back with the colours bleeding over the sides of the affirmation side with a picture of a child on it.

There are also 40 mini cards that also have an affirmation on it: “You are Resilient; You are Cheerful; You are Special.”

The idea of these cards is to give them out randomly to people each day. You can place them in lunch boxes, gym bags or at daycare.

“We all know small acts of kindness (Little Buds) can make an impact (Big Blooms).”

What an amazing idea. I like the thought of sticking these cards in random places to give someone a boost of confidence. I am looking forward to working with my guy to help brighten someone’s day and coming up with other locations to place them.

All the cards are in a convenient box with a magnetized lid. It feels like such a quality product – the card stock and the illustrations, which are super cute.

I also love the idea. Bud Spout Bloom cards are a great way to start the day.

Bud Sprout Bloom kit, which retails for $46, was created by Toronto mom Elisa Colella. Visit and find them on Instagram and Facebook, tagging @budsproutbloom

A copy of the Bud Sprout Bloom kit was provided by the Colella
for an honest review. The opinions are my own.