I once wrote an article about living life to the fullest and I interviewed a number of people about their opinion of what that meant. I was truly inspired by their words, which I shared with the readers, but I still didn’t know what it meant for me.

Next time I worry whether I am living my life to the fullest, I will re-read this amazingly, beautiful picture book titled You Are a Beautiful Beginning by Nina Laden and illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley ($25.99, Raincoast Books, Roaring Brook Press).

In this book we see a group of children who learn “It’s not the number of pages. It is the story in the book. It’s not how far you travelled. It’s the journey that you took.”

The book goes on to tell children (and adults, too) that it’s the trying that matters, being grateful for what you have and helping yourself and others grow. “It is not wishing to be different. It is learning to love being you.”

Every word in this book, and there are not many, is beautiful and inspiring, as is the message. Every picture is beautiful, colourful and with lots to look at.

This book is perfect.

A copy of You Are a Beautiful Beginning was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.