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December 2018

DK’s My Mixed Emotions is a great starting tool to talk to children about mental health

DK's My Mixed Emotions teaches kids about their feelings, how to identify them and tips to managing the successfully.

Merry Christmas

May your holidays be filled with family, friends and books.

Reviewing DK/Smithsonian’s aptly named Natural Wonders of the World

So much beauty in our world and DK/Smithsonian has capture it all in Natural Wonders of the World.

Beautiful illustrations featuring best parts of the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street movie (or perhaps the book)

This picture book is based on the 1947 movie starring Natalie Wood (or perhaps the book. I have never read it).

Chef and beer sommelier Tonia Wilson’s Beer At My Table is the perfect cookbook

Food lovers, beer lovers and information lovers rejoice - this cookbook is for you.

Chapter books for the new reader: Barkus Dog Dreams and Penguin Days

Both Barkus Dog Dreams and Penguin Days are Book 2s in their series. But you don't need to read the first to enjoy the second.

5 Best Book Gift Ideas for Travellers

Help inspire your traveller to explore the world with these five books perfect for those who like to see the world. Source: 5 Best Book Gift Ideas for Travellers 

Books we have been reading: Fuzzy Mud and The Last Mortal

Fuzzy Mud and Last Immortal great reads for middle graders.

Travel Through Japan with a Cat and a Japanese Soldier

See Japan through the eyes of Nana the cat and a Japanese soldier in this @FollowSummer blog. Source: Travel Through Japan with a Cat and a Japanese Soldier

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