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October 2017

Halloween read: Pam Smy’s Thornhill

Pam Smy's Thornhill ($27.99, Raincoast Books, Roaring Brook Press) is a perfect read on dark and stormy days, Halloween or any other time when you want to feel anxious with a strong sense of foreboding. Through her journal entries from... Continue Reading →

Learn The Key to Happiness with Ashley-Ann Pereira

Self-help book from Upon A Star Books geared to young adults There are some great things to think about while reading The Key to Happiness by Ashley-Ann Pereira ($17.95, Upon A Star Books), a self-help book for young adults. The... Continue Reading →

Elephants, rhyming oranges, hockey and other picture books reviewed

As mentioned here, I received so many beautiful picture books, I had to divide my reviews into two posts. I am not sure if I could pick just one favourite as they were all great for various reasons. The Elephant... Continue Reading →

Speaking with Toronto book publisher Jessica Alex about entrepreneurial spirit and Moving Mountains One Page At A Time

Toronto resident Jessica Alex is “Moving Mountains One Page At A Time”. Alex is the owner of Upon A Star Books Inc., a publishing company with a mission of producing children's and young adult books that “educate and inspire”, as... Continue Reading →

Adam Bunch’s The Toronto Book of The Dead is an amazing must-read about Toronto’s history

The Toronto Book of The Dead by Adam Bunch ($16.99, Dundurn) was an amazing read and one I would highly recommend for history lovers, Torontonians and any one else who claims Toronto isn't interesting. The book is written by Bunch,... Continue Reading →

Quick read in Sara Leach’s Slug Days about a girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I was only a few pages into reading Slug Days by Sara Leach ($17.95, Pajama Press) when I knew the main character, Lauren, has Autism Spectrum Disorder, but what I didn't realize was my eight-year-old son not only knew the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful photographs found in Firefly Books The Spirit of the Mountains coffee table book

From a 13-century Armenian monastery, considered a Unesco World Heritage Site, to views above the clouds and a sulfuric lake situated in an active volcano, Firefly Books' The Spirit of the Mountains ($40) is a beautiful coffee table book that... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, but heartbreaking story in Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story

I found Sonia Patel's Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story (PGC Books, Cinco Puntos Press) beautiful, but also absolutely heartbreaking. Each chapter offers a look at Jaya Mehta, a 17 year old who detests wealth, secrets and privilege although he... Continue Reading →

Samantha Verant talks about How to Make a French Family in this memoir

Review of Samantha Verant's How to Make a French Family memoir about love, family and French cooking.

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