I met Just Crumbs Baked cookbook author/foodie Suzie Durigon almost three years ago. A mutual friend introduced us when Durigon was talking about creating a cookbook. I wasn’t able to offer much in the way of help, but it was an enjoyable couple of hours where I learned more about Durigon and her food journey as well as her fabulous Bake It Forward project, which I still think didn’t get the press it deserved.

I also began following her on social media, where posts often made me laugh out loud.

Fast forward, and the cookbook is now out and I own my very own copy, autographed by the author herself.

How can you argue about a cookbook dedicated to baking? You can’t. That was a rhetorical question.

In addition to recipes under the heading of breakfast (yes, I do fall into the category of people who love this meal); scones, sweet rolls and doughnuts; savoury meals, cookies; and squares and bars, among others, each recipe has an amazing picture attached to it. Readers of this blog will know how I value a cookbook that has a photo with every recipe.

Each recipe also has an introduction by Durigon, written in her usual style – funny, self-deprecating and a whole lot sarcastic. Many recipes also contain a crumbles, tips to change up the recipe, information on how a different ingredient will work or information such as exchanging the water in making pastry with vodka, which makes your dough flakier. Who knew!

There are a number of recipes in here that I am looking forward to trying including the peanut butter cup brownies, although I confess I will be holding the peanut butter cups; sfratti: honey walnut stick cookies; and no-rise iced cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon rolls. I can bread. I can make pastry (never with vodka though), but for some unknown reason, I kill cinnamon rolls. Every. Time. Here’s hoping these ones turn out.

I have already tried two recipes in this cookbook: baked gingerbread oatmeal with bananas foster. As per Durigon’s suggestion, I used some sort of squash I had cooked but hadn’t yet eaten instead of sweet potatoes and I didn’t use the sauce. I love oatmeal, but I tend not to make it really sweet. I ate it plain out of the oven and then warmed it up in the microwave the next morning and added milk.

I also cleaned up my fridge and created a make-your-own fritatta using leftover cheese; ham, carrots (not the best choice) and some sort of green, which I thought was spinach, but may not be. It was quite good as well.

Oh, I will also try everything-but-the-kitchen-sink compost cookies. I will likely add raisins. Durigon, I hope we can still be friends.

You can purchase Durigon’s cookbook here.