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July 2019

Learn about the 40 strange creatures that live in in Earth’s oceans

Fascinating facts about some of the ocean's "strangest" creatures.

Book Time is going on vacation

It's time for vacation. Happy reading.

Lonely Planet Kids The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space offers fascinating information and beautiful pictures

Mix of real images and illustrations and lots of cool facts in Lonely Planet Kids The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space.f

Protecting Canada’s spirit bears through Great Bear Rainforest and a Voice for the Spirit Bears

Learn about the rarest bear in the world - the spirit bear - and the people working to protect them.

Camping got even more delicious with DK’s The Campfire Cookbook

Eat well on your next camping trip thanks to DK's The Campfire Cookbook.

Lots of opportunities to learn the importance of telling the truth in Al Capone Throws me a Curve

Too much baseball, not enough truth telling in this middle grade book set on Alcatraz.

Q&A with Toronto illustrator Juan Carlos Solon about ABC Book AlphaBit

Toronto author Juan Carlos Solon talks about the importance never comparing yourself to others and his AlphaBit board book in this Q&A.

Learning about the superpower of moles thanks to funny kid’s book by B.C.-based Rachel Poliquin

Lots of fun - and gross - facts in this kids book about the superpowers of moles.

Two great books that showcase young people who overcome great odds in order to follow their dreams

Girl of the Southern Sea and Fire Song feature young people overcoming great odds in order to follow their dreams.

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