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During #StarWarsDay build C-3P0, R2-D2 or BB-8 with Star Wars Builders: Droids

It's #StarWarsDay – a perfect time to build a droid. The main draw of Star Wars Builders: Droids by Cole Horton ($34.99, Raincoast Books, Silver Dolphin) is not the 60-odd page full-colour book that talks about Star Wars' droids including... Continue Reading →

Karen Swan’s The Rome Affair keeps you guessing until the book ends

I suspect when it comes to biographies and autobiographies, the memories we end up reading in books are similar to those of the stories Viscontessa Elena dei Damiani Pignatelli della Mirandola, or simply Elena, tells to her memoir writer, Cesca... Continue Reading →

Book Time hosts Q&A with Toronto resident Gina Sorell about Mothers and Other Strangers, narcissists, family, belonging and finding your home

I received a copy of Toronto resident Gina Sorell's debut novel Mothers and Other Strangers ($21.99, Publishers Group Canada, Prospect Park Books) earlier this year and started reading it immediately. I was pulled right into the story of Elsie and her... Continue Reading →

Teen sisters go on a road trip across Canada in Pajama Press’ young adult book Road Signs That Say West

I often wonder if I was brave enough to simply get in the car and drive, if I would have had the adventures sisters Hanna, Claire and Megan had in Road Signs That Say West (by Sylvia Gunnery, $14.95, Pajama... Continue Reading →

True North Blog Tour features guest post by Toronto author LE Sterling, who talks about being true to yourself as a writer

I am the final stop in the L.E. Sterling True North blog tour, created by Raincoast Books, promoting the second book in True Born, an urban fantasy trilogy, and featuring a guest post with Toronto author LE Sterling. I wish I... Continue Reading →

A realistic look at teen pregnancy – and the choices kids make – in Saying Good-bye to London

As a teen, I thought if I ever got pregnant, I would do the “right” thing and give up the baby so she could have the best life possible. Now that I have had a child, I am not sure... Continue Reading →

Pandora, The Everywhere Bear, Under the Umbrella and other beautiful picture books reviewed at Book Time

I read so many fabulous and absolutely beautiful picture books this month. Pandora by Victoria Turnbull ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is so exceptionally beautiful. As soon as I pulled it out of the box of books from Raincoast,... Continue Reading →

DK’s Woodland and Forest is a perfect book to take when exploring nature this Earth Day and always

For a little book, DK's Woodland and Forest ($11.99) is packed full of information. From explaining what a forest is and where they can be found (they cover about a third of the Earth's surface, and no two forests are... Continue Reading →

DK Books makes it easy to learn What’s Really Happening to Our Planet just in time for Earth Day

Just in time for Earth Day Saturday, April 22, DK Books asks What's Really Happening To Our Planet? and offers The Facts Simply Explained ($19.95). I found the book by Tony Juniper quite depressing, and likely shouldn't have read it... Continue Reading →

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