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The Hitman’s Daughter, Narnia and rubber bands: books reviewed

From a thriller by a Canadian author to a book about C.S. Lewis and rubber bands, I read such a variety of books this week. Check out my reviews.

Perfect read for World Oceans Day: The Whale Who Swam Through Time, A 200-Year Journey in the Arctic

The Whale Who Swam Through Time is a perfecrt picture book for World Oceans Day, and any time kids want to learn about the world's longest-living mammal.

Throwaway Daughter, Here Lies and picture books reviewed

Throwaway Daughter shares the story of a Canadian girl who learns about her childhood roots, while Here Lies is a dystopian novel about a young woman looking to reclaim her mother's ashes. I also review two picture books, one about refugees and the other about plants.

The Midnight Library and The Girl Who Smiled Beads reviewed

Two different books, both excellent. I review Matt Haig's The Midnight Library and Clemantine Wamariya's The Girl Who Smiled Beads.

Powerful book, great read in Small Things Like These

Small Things LIke These is a powerful, non-fiction story based on the true events of the Magdalen laundries in Ireland.

Interesting reads in Maki Kashimada’s Touring the Land of the Dead

Interesting reads in Maki Kashimada's Touring the Land of the Dead.

The Bare Naked Book, Chickenology and pranks – wonderful reads this month

From chickens and birds to playing in the rain and pulling pranks, I have been reading some fun - and perhaps inspiring - books.

Another amazing read by Lesley Crewe: The Spoon Stealer reviewed

Another amazing read by Lesley Crewe who created unforgettable characters.

Unique read in Xialou Guo’s A Lover’s Discourse

A Lover's Discourse is such a unique book and leaves me in awe of people's - or at least the author's - intellegence.

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