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Beautiful story with the perfect ending in My Name is Konisola

If you remove two parts of the book I didn't like, you'll find a beautiful story about love, and doing anything for it, and finding family.

Amazing message and great information about the LGBTQ community in Desmond Is Amazing’s Be Amazing book

Be Amazing by Desmond is Amazing encourages kids - all kids - to be proud of themselves and express themselves how it feels right in their hearts. Plus it gives information about the history of the LGBTQ commuity.

Maggie Downs’ Braver Than You Think offered part memoir, part travelogue and a whole lot of adventure

Maggie Downs' shows she is braver than she thinks when she honours her mom, dying of young-onset Alzheimer's diseaese, by going on a solo backpacking journey across the world.

Learning lots of new information thanks to picture books from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books

Learn about nature and protecting it and why we cry with these Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books picture books.

Growing food for free thanks to DK books

Gardener Huw Richards teaches people how to Grow Food For Free in this DK book.

Celebrate the water and creatures that call it home in these picture books

These picture books celebrate the water and the creatures that call it home.

Get to know Canadian women trailblazers with Canadian Women Now+Then

Learn the stories of more than 100 Canadian women trailblazers in this Kids Can Press book.

Reaffirming my belief that bats are amazing – DK’s The Bat Book reviewed

Bats are amazing and DK's The Bat Book proves it.

Bookmarks and bee hotels, DK’s Recycle and Remake Creative Projects offers great ideas to help recycle and reuse

Great craft ideas to reuse items destined for the trash.

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