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Happy New Year

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2021 through - what else - books.

Stunning book – DK’s The Mysteries of the Universe

Stunning. DK's The Mystery of the Universe is beautiful. And fascinating.

Interesting facts and key science concepts explained in DK’s The Steam Team Explains

Key science concepts are explained in DK's The Steam Team Explains, offering interesting information about all things science, technology, engineering, art and math.

DK Smithsonian Super Simple Chemistry is a hit – let the experiments begin

For those who like science, this great DK Smithsonian book offers a great explaination of chemistry....things....simpilfied.

DK’s Children’s Cookbook and eat, feel fresh, a plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook reviewed

Lots of pictures and a variety of recipes in the Children's Cookbook, while eat feel fresh offers tons of information and unique dishes to create.

DK The Book of Bedtime Builds is perfect for the child who was their story time, but Lego, too

This DK Lego book ofers children stories and the opportunity to build a Lego figurine.

Can’t go wrong with a cookbook full of dessert – DK’s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook reviewed

All the desert recipes you have every wanted to make created keto-style by Aaron Day (no relation).

Two missions with DK book – change the Lego Ninjago world as we know it and get kids off the screen

The fate of the Lego Ninjago world rests in your hands with this DK choose your own adventure book.

Growing food for free thanks to DK books

Gardener Huw Richards teaches people how to Grow Food For Free in this DK book.

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