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Erich Hoyt showcase Strange Sea Creatures in this coffee table book

You may want to stay out of the ocean - or at least stay on the surface - after reading Strange Sea Creatures by Erich Hoyt.

Beautiful picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas

Lions, dinosaurs doing yoga and pirates - great collection of picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas.

Books you should put under your Christmas tree this year

Want a book recommendation for Christmas? Here are several you can put under your Christmas tree this year.

A fascinating look at How Science Works with DK’s Smithsonian Explanatorium Science

DK's Smithsonian Explanatorium Science explains science in a way that is easy to understand and visually stunning.

Beautiful illustrations featuring best parts of the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street movie (or perhaps the book)

This picture book is based on the 1947 movie starring Natalie Wood (or perhaps the book. I have never read it).

Delicious and makeable recipes, amazing information from DK that will help you Eat Better Live Longer

Lots of great information and recipes you'll actually eat in this DK book.

Q&A with Herve Tulley, author of Mix It Up and Press Here

Reviews: Books to give as Christmas presents

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