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Chatting with Canadian author David Michael about his book Love Will Out – A Newfoundland Story

I interview David Michael, the author of Love Will Out - A Newfoundland Story, about the unusual love story of his parents, that is five love stories revolving around the same central story.

Learning all about cities with Pajama Press’ I Love My City

Great information about cities and how they work in this middle grade book from Pajama Press.

January reads: Better The Blood and The Choice, The Sleeping Car Porter and The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris

A crime thriller set in New Zealand, a missing child and family dynamics, a forgotten bookshop and a sleeping car porter. What books did you read this Janauary?

Interesting love story in Love Will Out – A Newfoundland Story

Love Will Out - A Newfoundland Story is set in St. John's harbour in the 1920s and '30s and is based on the true story of the authors' parents.

Picture book shows the importance of empathy and the power of chocolate

When Daniel understands how lonely a dark his school must feel to the new girl in his class, he finds a way to bring a little Cocoa Magic to his classmates.

Interview with Canadian author Lesley Crewe about writing, Montreal, and the ordinary moments of life

In my latest author interview, Canadian author Lesley Crewe talks about the childhood memories, Expo '67 and Nosy Parker, her latest slice-of-life book.

Fantastic book for kids (and their parents): If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

What a fanastic book. The book shows kids about the number of jobs available out there that are more than your traditional doctors and lawyers (although there is a vet and a documentary photographer).

Coming-of-age story offers a host of emotions: Mary John reviewed

In this coming-of-age book by Ana Pessoa, a young woman named Mary John pens a letter to her friend Julio the Pirate. "The letter runs through a hurricane of emotions ranging from anger, grief and frustration to accepetance and serenity."

#IReadCanadian Day – new interview with Naseem Hrab and Kelly Collier

Today is #IReadCanadian Day and I interview two Canadian authors, Naseem Hrab and author/illustrator Kelly Collier. The pair collaborated on the new picture book How to Party Like a Snail, from OwlKids Books.

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