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Celebrating Canadian authors for #IreadCanadian Day

Feb. 19 is #IReadCanadian , a day to celebrate the amazing authors we have in this great country. Check out my list of authors and some of my book recommendations from them.

Hard read about a sad time in Canadian history: The Forgotten Home Child reviewed

Excellent read about a sad time from Canada's history.

Author Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, street artist named Banksy and IReadCanadian in this author Q&A

In this author chat, Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, her writing process and #IReadCanadian

DK’s Modern Flexitarian cookbook offers the commitment-shy choices – vegetarian, vegan or meat

This full-colour DK cookbook offers you a choice - vegetarian, vegan and meat.

Q&A with Jacqueline Firkins, author of Heart Strings, and Other Breakable Things

Jacqueline Firkins talks about her young adult book Herts, Strings, and Other Broken Things, Jane Austen and diverisfying the young adult genre.

Build Yourself Happy with LEGO and DK Books

Embrace your inner child and Build Yourself Happy with DK Books and LEGO.

A Wish is a Seed: beautiful picture book reviewed

Beautiful picture book about the power of wishes.

Author keeps you guessing in Your Truth or Mine

Quick read that will kept you guessing until the end.

Graphic novel shares stories of six Holocaust survivors

This graphic novel shares the stories of six Jewish children who survived the Holocaust.

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