I confess I didn’t get DK Smithsonian Super Simple Chemistry for me.

In high school, I took environmental science so I could avoid chemistry, biology and or any other science that may use math or picking apart dead things. And I will say I am still happy with my choice.

My 12-year-old son, on the other hand, has always been all things science. He has had a lab in his room since he was little and is always mixing up potions and telling me science things. I am listening, but the information doesn’t actually stay in my head.

So I thought he would be interested in DK’s Super Simple Chemistry and I was right. As soon as he saw it, was picked it up and flipped through the pages, stopping to read when something caught his and and explain to me about combustion – and how he could use his Bunsen burner properly – and the differences between atoms and molecules.

Every time we get in the car, he chooses this book, finding new information to share with me.

While this book will never be my go-to read (ha!), I did find myself flipping through it, picking out interesting parts and reading them – until I got to a page that had math equations. Snore.

Each page or two covers a different topic related to the chapter. For example in energy changes, which I know will be my son’s favourite, there are two pages titled Endothermic Reactions. These pages includes information on what it is, great graphics, in this case showing the reaction and detailing what is happening in each section of the experiment as well as an explosion, which is an example of a combustion reaction, and who doesn’t like an explosion (me in my house, using chemicals and Bunsen burners), key facts and how it works.

I suspect we will be trying the thermal decomposition, or how some substances chemically decompose when heated ,as we have all the equipment needed, but never knew how to use it. I also suspect his need to use the hydrogen peroxide and me to find the yeast has something to do with this book.

As always, this is a great book to flip though, stopping to find things that interest you and learning more.

DK Smithsonian SuperSimple Chemistry can be purchased at Amazon.ca. A copy was provided by DK books for an honest review. The opinion is my own.