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Interesting facts and key science concepts explained in DK’s The Steam Team Explains

Key science concepts are explained in DK's The Steam Team Explains, offering interesting information about all things science, technology, engineering, art and math.

DK Smithsonian Super Simple Chemistry is a hit – let the experiments begin

For those who like science, this great DK Smithsonian book offers a great explaination of chemistry....things....simpilfied.

Get answers to 100 questions posed by kids in Ask a Scientist by DK

Get 100 answers to questions asked by kids from around the world in this DK book.

Test your knowledge about everything with DK’s Knowledge Genius

Read the information, take the test and "become a knowledge Genius."

Poop, farts and anal-gland perfume are some of the interesting facts in Stinky Science

All the things you wanted to know - and didn't - about stinky science. You might want to avoid perfume - and sloths.

Good characters, lots of action in the middle grade book The Giant from the Fire Sea

Be prepared for Giant-speak if reading The Giant From the Fire Sea aloud.

Let the STEAM Team help you understand the world of science, technology, engineering, art and math

DK Books' The STEAM Team offers simple science explained.

Illustrated guide helps you understand the wonders of the science

Despite the illustrations, which are appreciated, the information in this book is still complex. Perfect for bedtime reading for the science fan.

Q&A with Toronto’s Tory Woollcott about Science Comics, the brain and the making of neuroscientists

In this Q&A with Torontonian Tory Woollcott we learn about brains, the author's brain and science (of the brain),

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