I have never heard the story about How the Finch Got His Colors ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Familius), but I thought the retelling of it by Annemarie Geurtin and the illustrations by Helena Perez Garcia were beautiful.

The story begins as the world is is dull – colours of stone and dirt. Then the rain came, bringing with it a rainbow, which bestowed all of its colours on the creatures and the the land including the Great Bird and and all the other birds in the world. But one bird, a Gouldian finch, is left out as he sits patiently waiting for a colour of his own.

The story isn’t new, but it was to me so I thought it was a neat way to explain the vivid colours of some of the Earth’s colours. I also loved how you could see the transformation of the creatures from colours, and shapes of clay, into the beautiful creatures we know today.

A copy of this books was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest opinion. The opinions are my own.