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Good characters, lots of action in the middle grade book The Giant from the Fire Sea

Be prepared for Giant-speak if reading The Giant From the Fire Sea aloud.

Getting to know Natalya Pushkin, wife of Russian poet Alexander, in The Lost Season of Love and Snow

Learn about life for Russia's Natalya Pushkin and her poet husband Alexander Pushkin in this historical fiction new release from Raincoast Books.

March’s Picture Book Spotlight: How the Finch Got His Colors

March's Picture Book Spotlight is the retelling of How the Finch Got his Colors

Interactive romance novel offers an adult twist to Choose Your Own Adventure books

Think Choose Your Own Adventure in an adult romance book and you get My Lady's Choosing.

February’s Picture Book Spotlight – Pajama Press’ Small Things about childhood anxiety

Small Things by Mel Tregonning ($22.95, Pajama Press) is one of the most unique picture books I have read in a while. Rather than a story, the pages are made up of multiple cells. Each black and white panel shows... Continue Reading →

Wesley James ruined My Life was laugh out loud funny

Book by Vancouver, British Columbia, author releases today, July 18 Wesley James ruined my Life ($15.99, Raincoast Books, Swoon Reads) by British Columbia author Jennifer Honeybourn made me laugh, often out loud. Quinn, or Q as Wesley James called her,... Continue Reading →

DK Books’ My Amazing Body Machine offers great information about our bodies

On the weekend, my eight year old was coughing and sputtering at the dinner table and I asked him if his food went down the wrong tube. It's something I have always said, likely because my parents always said it.... Continue Reading →

DK’s Woodland and Forest is a perfect book to take when exploring nature this Earth Day and always

For a little book, DK's Woodland and Forest ($11.99) is packed full of information. From explaining what a forest is and where they can be found (they cover about a third of the Earth's surface, and no two forests are... Continue Reading →

Such Small Hands by Spanish author Andres Barba offers a bizarre look at grief, loss and a desire for acceptance

Such Small Hands might be one of the most bizarre books I have read this year. The reviews on the back of this book by Spanish writer Andres Barba ($22.95, Publishers Group Canada , Transit Books) call it a masterpiece and... Continue Reading →

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