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Beautiful illustrations and message in Sophie Blackall’s If You Come to Earth

What a beautiful picture book in both illustrations and message. This is a book I will be giving as a gift, likely over and over.

Embracing the outside and celebrating neighbours – picture books reviewed

More beautiful picture books reviewed from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books featuring books about loose, new friends and dreams.

Learning lots of new information thanks to picture books from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books

Learn about nature and protecting it and why we cry with these Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books picture books.

Q&A with picture book author Lana Button on bullying, teaching moments and COVID-19

Picture book author Lana Button talks bullying and the importance of not labelling children and life during COVID-19.

Q&A with Canadian illustrator/author Celia Krampien about her debut picture book Sunny

Canadian illustrator Celia Krampien talks about Sunny, her debut picture book.

A girl named Sunny, feeding the coos and keeping wild words, picture books reviewed

Some great picture books that you won't mind read over and over again.

A Wish is a Seed: beautiful picture book reviewed

Beautiful picture book about the power of wishes.

Beautiful picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas

Lions, dinosaurs doing yoga and pirates - great collection of picture books reviewed just in time for Christmas.

Blog tour: Q&A with Krista Brock and her illustrate-it-yourself picture book The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie

Read my Q&A with author Krista Brock about her book The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie, an illustrate-it-yourself picture book for kids.

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