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Exploring Wisconsin’s Cities and Countryside

Check out my latest piece at . We may not be travelling, but we can through books. I am exploring Wisconsin this month and its capital city – Madison – with The Wrong Sister, and its beautiful countryside with... Continue Reading →

Escape the Cold by Armchair Travelling to Nantucket and India

Escape Canada’s cold winter through books, travelling to Nantucket (in summer of course) and India. Source: Escape the Cold by Armchair Travelling to Nantucket and India

Christmas Reads to Holiday Travel to the U.K. and Italy

A new Christmas read and an old one, inspire travel to the U.K. and Italy this holiday season and beyond. Holidaying in Italy and the U.K. with these two Christmas reads. Merry Christmas! Source: Christmas Reads to Holiday Travel to... Continue Reading →

7 Great Gifts for Travellers

Some of the books I wrote about on Book Time that would make a perfect gift, also got mentioned on this @followsummer list of gifts for the traveller in your life. Merry Christmas. 7 Books travel books and memoirs that... Continue Reading →

Some of the world’s fiercest insects get their moment in Insect Superpowers by Kate Messner

Look at the fascinating - albeit creepy - world of bugs and insects with these two non-fiction books.

Birds in flight, a boy who invented the Popsicle, the big bang and a no-plastic challenge – picture books reviewed

Non-fiction picture books help kids learn about the Big Bang theory, the inventor of the Popsicle, birds and how to reduce plastic use.

Learning about life on Mars and Finding Kindness with picture books

New picture books show life on Mars and people being kind and bringing happiness to others.

3 Beach Reads and Some Beaches to Read Them On

These hot, humid days of summer makes you want to find yourself a body of water – hopefully surrounded by sand – and settle down with a beach read. Source: 3 Beach Reads and Some Beaches to Read Them On

Travel Through Canada and the U.S. This Summer Holiday

This month, we are celebrating two nations’ days by reading our way through Toronto, Montreal, and 1930s Kentucky. In the Chai Factor by Farah Heron ($22. Source: Travel Through Canada and the U.S. This Summer Holiday

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