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Embrace your community with these 7 picture books

These picture books celebrate belonging and community, whatever your community may be.


Twists, turns and false trails in B.A. Paris’ thriller Bring Me Back

Twists, turns, false trails. This book will keep you guessing.

Reviewing picture books that begin with The (from The Dog Who Wanted to Fly to The Yellow Suitcase)

I review picture books that begin with The and talk about death, dreams and the importance of finding people like yourself.

Celebrate friendship with David Wood’s Cooking For Friends cookbook

Lots of information, easy sounding recipes - and a creator who understands the importance of dessert every day.

Inspirational, informative and just plain funny: Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic review

Funny, informative and imporant - Toronto's Michael McCreary offers a comedian's look at life on the spectrum.

We’ll be enjoying Crafty Science fun this March Break thanks to DK books

Great craft ideas from DK while learning about science while on March Break.

The Little Snake is a quick, enjoyable read about friendship, love and death

Friendship, love, a snake and a new way to look at death.

Q&A with Canadian writer Kate A. Boorman about her young adult psychological thriller What We Buried

Author Kate A Boorman talks writing and editing a physiological thriller, living in France and missing Canada - but not its weather.

Spain and Cyprus: Books to Inspire Your Travel

Another snowstorm, with no end in sight in this part of Canada. If you, too, are ready to escape, might I suggest these books. Source: Spain and Cyprus: Books to Inspire Your Travel

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