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Interview with Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman about consent, sexual harassment and her latest book HE MUST LIKE YOU

I speak with Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman about her latest young adult book HE MUST LIKE YOU about sexual harassment and consent.

Middle grade, young adult books tackles issues of human trafficking, poaching and telling your story

These middle grade and young adult books make tough topics of human trafficking, poaching and telling your own story accessible.

Important lessons about consent and standing up for yourself in He Must Like You

Main character Libby has a lot to deal with in Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman's latest young adult book He Must Like You about consent, rage and standing up for yourself.

The Last Lie continues the story created by Patricia Forde in The List

Don't read this review if you haven't read Patricia Forde's fabulous young adult dystopian book The List.

Catching up on my reading: The List; The Taste of Rain; Sled Dog School; and Albert Hopper, Science Hero reviewed

A dystopian middle grade, a different look at the Second War, Dog Sled School and scientist frogs - a mix of books reviewed for young readers.

Action-packed adventure in Dog Driven with the bonus of showcasing a new activity to try

New book by Terry Lynn Johnson offers adventure and excitement and a new pastime to try.

Fast read, great story in Michigan vs The Boys

Fast read, great characters and story in this book published by KCP Loft.

Author Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, street artist named Banksy and IReadCanadian in this author Q&A

In this author chat, Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, her writing process and #IReadCanadian

Q&A with Jacqueline Firkins, author of Heart Strings, and Other Breakable Things

Jacqueline Firkins talks about her young adult book Herts, Strings, and Other Broken Things, Jane Austen and diverisfying the young adult genre.

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