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Two different, but great books reviewed: Peter James’ Find them Dead and Jef Aerts’ The Blue Wings

A crime thriller book for adults and a great story about family for the middle grade set. To different, but great books.

Amazing message and great information about the LGBTQ community in Desmond Is Amazing’s Be Amazing book

Be Amazing by Desmond is Amazing encourages kids - all kids - to be proud of themselves and express themselves how it feels right in their hearts. Plus it gives information about the history of the LGBTQ commuity.

Hockey Night in Kenya is a story about friendship, determination and playing hockey in East Africa

This book for readers seven to nine features a boy with a dream of being an ice hockey player - in Kenya. The hockey team is real and so is the orphanage, but the story is fiction.

Beautiful illustrations and message in Sophie Blackall’s If You Come to Earth

What a beautiful picture book in both illustrations and message. This is a book I will be giving as a gift, likely over and over.

Embracing the outside and celebrating neighbours – picture books reviewed

More beautiful picture books reviewed from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books featuring books about loose, new friends and dreams.

Middle grade, young adult books tackles issues of human trafficking, poaching and telling your story

These middle grade and young adult books make tough topics of human trafficking, poaching and telling your own story accessible.

Unique journey of finding self in An Yu’s debut novel Braised Pork

Interesting read in An Yu's debut novel Braised Pork, which takes us from Beijing to Tibet and a mythical world.

Reviews: Alien Nate graphic novel; Maya and the Rising Dark and The Night Gardener

Books for kids reviewed include pizza-loving aliens, gods and godlings and an ancient curse.

Get to know Canadian women trailblazers with Canadian Women Now+Then

Learn the stories of more than 100 Canadian women trailblazers in this Kids Can Press book.

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