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Reviewing The Pull of the Starts and The Youth of God

I read two great books this weekend, which I highly recommend, but both left me wanting more - or perhaps just different.

While You Sleep, Let’s Add Up! and My name is Saajin Singh: picture books reviewed

Beautiful art in the picture book While You Sleep. Let's Add Up offers math concepts to kids, while My Name is Saajin Singh reminds kids the importance of standing up for themselves.

Picture books about the importance of just dancing

Two picture books both with the same message - follow your dreams, be yourself and just dance.

What a read – Perumal Murugan’s Pyre

What a tough read and the ending! What an ending.

Heartbreaking but great: Sirens of Memory and Born Behind Bars reviewed

Great books in both Sirens of Memory about a woman who flees an abusive relationships after the Iraqi invasion and Born Behind Bars, which is about child born in jail and released to the streets of Indian when he is nine.

Middle grade, graphic novel and young adult book reviewed

Mix of reads - Red Wolf, which takes about residential schools, Paranorther, a graphic novel about magic and chaos bunnies, and Time Villians, an action middel grade book with historical figures.

The Year I Flew Away and other middle grade and young adult books reviewed

Wonderful reads old and new reads for those who like middle grade or young adult.

Interviewing JF Garrard about Belief, an anthology by Asian writers from Dark Helix Press and Ricepaper Magazine

Read more than 20 short stories/poetry by authors of Asian descent from around the world (including Canada) in the third anthology by Toronto's Dark Helix Press and Ricepaper Magazine.

Q&A with Francisco Montaña Ibáñez, author of The Immortal Boy

I interview Francisco Montaña Ibáñez about his book The Immortal Boy. This interview has been translated from Spanish by Yvonne Tapia.

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