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Middle grade, young adult books tackles issues of human trafficking, poaching and telling your story

These middle grade and young adult books make tough topics of human trafficking, poaching and telling your own story accessible.

Unique journey of finding self in An Yu’s debut novel Braised Pork

Interesting read in An Yu's debut novel Braised Pork, which takes us from Beijing to Tibet and a mythical world.

Reviews: Alien Nate graphic novel; Maya and the Rising Dark and The Night Gardener

Books for kids reviewed include pizza-loving aliens, gods and godlings and an ancient curse.

Get to know Canadian women trailblazers with Canadian Women Now+Then

Learn the stories of more than 100 Canadian women trailblazers in this Kids Can Press book.

Interesting stories in Rebecca Otowa’s The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper

The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper offers a look at Japanese culture in this collection of short stories.

A girl named Sunny, feeding the coos and keeping wild words, picture books reviewed

Some great picture books that you won't mind read over and over again.

Author keeps you guessing in Your Truth or Mine

Quick read that will kept you guessing until the end.

Q&A with Australian writer Tamara Moss about her middle grade book Lintang and the Pirate Queen

"I don't know how many children's books are out there about an female-dominant pirate crew, with a female protagonist who fights mythical creatures with her female mentor. The fact that they're all women of colour should get a mention, too. I'm sure there are definitely some books that are similar, but I always want more." Read my interview with author Tamara Moss.

Lots of great information about mythical beasts and magical monsters from around the world

Interesting information about mythical beasts and magical monsters found throughout the world.

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