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Didn’t see that coming: Fight Like a Girl reviewed

FIght Like a Girl by Sheena Kamal is set in Toronto and features "hella fierce," Trisha, a 17-year-old Muay Thai kickboxer who begins to suspect something is going on at her house.

Picture books with morals and lessons including loving yourself

One of my son's favourite picture books is Candy Conspiracy (Carrie Snyder) about a number of children who trick the Juicy Jelly Worm into taking their garden of candy (AKA vegetables) and leave them a kingdom full of candy. The... Continue Reading →

Picture book reviews: December picture books include those about Canada’s north, horses and Jumanji

I hope your Christmas includes giving - and receiving - a book or two dozen. Here are a few more for you to enjoy. Elisapee and her Baby Seagull Elisapee and her Baby Seagull by Nancy Mike ($16.95, Inhabit Media)... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Picture Book Month with books about hip-hop, dreams and healthy eating

Did you know November is Picture Book Month? Personally, I feel every month could be Picture Book Month as I am always receiving some truly beautiful, always unique titles. And this list is no exception. Feather What an amazing book.... Continue Reading →

Elephants, rhyming oranges, hockey and other picture books reviewed

As mentioned here, I received so many beautiful picture books, I had to divide my reviews into two posts. I am not sure if I could pick just one favourite as they were all great for various reasons. The Elephant... Continue Reading →

Speaking with Toronto book publisher Jessica Alex about entrepreneurial spirit and Moving Mountains One Page At A Time

Toronto resident Jessica Alex is “Moving Mountains One Page At A Time”. Alex is the owner of Upon A Star Books Inc., a publishing company with a mission of producing children's and young adult books that “educate and inspire”, as... Continue Reading →

Quick read in Sara Leach’s Slug Days about a girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I was only a few pages into reading Slug Days by Sara Leach ($17.95, Pajama Press) when I knew the main character, Lauren, has Autism Spectrum Disorder, but what I didn't realize was my eight-year-old son not only knew the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, but heartbreaking story in Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story

I found Sonia Patel's Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story (PGC Books, Cinco Puntos Press) beautiful, but also absolutely heartbreaking. Each chapter offers a look at Jaya Mehta, a 17 year old who detests wealth, secrets and privilege although he... Continue Reading →

Halloween, princesses, Night Lions and other wonderful picture books reviewed

I have read so many wonderful picture books this month, that I have to divide it into two posts. These picture books are wonderful stories that cover a variety of topics. More than a Princess More than a Princess by... Continue Reading →

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