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Q&A with Mary Beth Leatherdale, author of the picture book Terry Fox and Me

In Mary Beth Leatherdale's latest book, she shares the story of friendship between Terry Fox and his friend Doug Alward. Learn more in this author Q&A.

Loving Little Blue Chair by Cary Fagan and Tundra Books

I have a thing for the colour blue so just the title of the Little Blue Chair by Cary Fagan ($22.99, Tundra Books) made me want to read the book. And beyond the colour – and beauty – of the... Continue Reading →

Book Time reviews The Pain Eater, Moonshot, mysteries and kid’s books

Q&A with author Eric Walters

Q&A with Natasha Sharma about the Kindness Journal

Reviews: Made in Canada and summer reads

Q&A with Catherine Lo and How it Ends

Reviews: End of summer, summer activities and young adult book

Q&A with Toronto resident Kathy Kacer about Stones on a Grave

Reviews: Christmas titles

Q&A with Toronto author Emil Sher about Young Man With Camera

It was the neat concept – a book with photos supposedly taken by the main character – the encouraged me to read Young Man With Camera. It was T-, the main character himself, that kept me reading. I am sure... Continue Reading →

Reviews: children’s, middle school and young and animal book

Q&A with Dr. Jillian Roberts and What Happens When A Loved One Dies? Our First Talk about Death

Q&A with Miss Emily writer Nuala O’Connor

Reviews: Go Set a Watchman and all things To Kill a Mockingbird and Harper Lee and graphic novels

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