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Reviewing middle grade novel Amanda in Malta The Sleeping Lady

You learn about Malta, its people, culture and and this middle grade book by Canadian author Darlene Foster.

Blog tour: Amanda in Malta, Q&A with Darlene Foster

I am the last stop on the Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady blog tour. This is the eighth book in the Canadian author's book series about a 12-year-old girl named Amanda who explores the world, learning about people and places while solving a mystery.

Maggie Downs’ Braver Than You Think offered part memoir, part travelogue and a whole lot of adventure

Maggie Downs' shows she is braver than she thinks when she honours her mom, dying of young-onset Alzheimer's diseaese, by going on a solo backpacking journey across the world.

DK Smithsonian Journey offers a fascinating look at the world of human exploration

From the Acient World to travel today and times in between this DK Smithsonian illustrated book is packed full of information about human exploration and travel.

Books you should put under your Christmas tree this year

Want a book recommendation for Christmas? Here are several you can put under your Christmas tree this year.

Put Manitoba and Saskatchewan on your to-see list with Firefly Books

You'll have a 110 new travel destinations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan thanks to Firefly Books.

Hope and new travel destinations the result of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Learn about the 1,073 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this Firefly Books reference guide.

Great story and wonderful moments in Kim Dinan’s The Yellow Envelope

“What to do? Many things happen in life. Still, we must be happy.” These are the words that pulled me into Kim Dinan's The Yellow Envelope, One Gift, Three Rules, and a Life-Changing Journey Around the World ($20.76, Raincoast Books,... Continue Reading →

Q&A with author Karen Swan about The Christmas Secret, writing and travel

The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan ($24.99, PGC Books) came out Nov. 2 and I interviewed the author about Christmas, writing and how she researches her books. You can read my review of The Christmas Secret here. Hi Karen, Q. Thank you... Continue Reading →

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