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Start your child’s day with Bud Sprout Bloom, affirmation cards to help kids feel good and boost confidence

No one is too old to be reminded how wonderful they are. Bud bloom sprout affirmation cards were created by a Toronto mom who wants to help children love themselves.

Q&A with Toronto’s Tory Woollcott about Science Comics, the brain and the making of neuroscientists

In this Q&A with Torontonian Tory Woollcott we learn about brains, the author's brain and science (of the brain),

Penguin Random House Blog Tour: Q&A with Toronto’s Sonia Faruqi about The Oyster Thief

Toronto resident Sonia Faruqi spent 2,000 hours writing the original The Oyster Thief. And then she threw it out...

Fun, quick read in Toronto’s Marcel St. Pierre’s Cliche and Wind Go Hitchhiking

Cliche and Wind Go Hitchhiking offers an eclectic mix of short stories.

Q&A with Sylv Chiang, author of middle grade book for gamers Tournament Trouble

Q&A with Sylv Chiang, Durham resident and author of middle grade book Tournament Trouble, and a group of gamers and a gamer competition.

Review: Come Back For Me, a story of hate, fear, love and hope

Book by Toronto's Sharon Hart-Green follows the story of a Toronto teen in the 1960s and a Hungarian teen during the Second World War Come Back For Me by Sharon Hart-Green ($20, New Jewish Press) tells two stories – teenager... Continue Reading →

Family and family secrets in Marissa Stapley’s Things To Do When It’s Raining

In a letter to her early readers, for which I am proud to say I am one, Toronto author Marissa Stapley writes about how of all the books she has written, her latest Things To Do When It's Raining ($22.99,... Continue Reading →

Toronto author speaks climate change, Donald Trump and Solomon’s Ring: review, blog tour and contest

Sometimes important details slip from my mind. When Dundurn Press asked me to participate in the Solomon's Ring blog tour late last year I had wondered if it mattered if I hadn't read the first book. While they said it... Continue Reading →

November’s Children’s Book Spotlight: Pajama Press’ Wild Ones

In Wild One ($16.95, Pajama Press), for children one to four, we discover a little girl who can slip like an eel down the slide or clap like a seal as she makes new friends at the park. We also... Continue Reading →

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