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Toronto’s Jennifer Turliuk helps people find happiness in their careers with her new book

Interview with Toronto author Jennifer Turliuk about her Dundurn Press book How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life. Jennifer talks about the importance of finding a job that makes you happy and how you can do it.

Interview with Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman about consent, sexual harassment and her latest book HE MUST LIKE YOU

I speak with Toronto author Danielle Younge-Ullman about her latest young adult book HE MUST LIKE YOU about sexual harassment and consent.

Start a new hobby – raise Monarch butterflies with Toronto author Carol Pasternak

Learn how to raise Monarch butterflies through all its stages in this guide book from Toronto author Carol Pasternak.

5 Questions for Toronto’s Jessica Westhead, author of Worry

Toronto author Jessica Westhead answers 5 questions about writing and her latest book, Worry.

Talking to Toronto author/illustrator Paul Gilligan about the King of the Mole People

Book Time interviews Toronto author/illustrator Paul Gilligan about his middle grade book King of the Mole People, which is now out.

Bizarre, eerie and interesting – another great book by Canadian Marina Cohen

Toronto author Marina Cohen writes another interesting and bizarre book for middle graders.

Fast but disturbing read in Toronto resident Jennifer Hillier’s Jar of Hearts

Fast read, great characters, horrific details in this thriller set today and 14 years in the past.

Book Time hosts Q&A with Toronto resident Gina Sorell about Mothers and Other Strangers, narcissists, family, belonging and finding your home

I received a copy of Toronto resident Gina Sorell's debut novel Mothers and Other Strangers ($21.99, Publishers Group Canada, Prospect Park Books) earlier this year and started reading it immediately. I was pulled right into the story of Elsie and her... Continue Reading →

Reviewing the fabulous book Rockets Versus Gravity by Toronto’s Richard Scarsbrook

I am having such a hard time writing a review for Rockets Versus Gravity by Toronto author Richard Scarsbrook (Dundurn), not because I didn't like it – I loved it. I thought it was such an amazing book. I started... Continue Reading →

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