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Wesley James ruined My Life was laugh out loud funny

Book by Vancouver, British Columbia, author releases today, July 18 Wesley James ruined my Life ($15.99, Raincoast Books, Swoon Reads) by British Columbia author Jennifer Honeybourn made me laugh, often out loud. Quinn, or Q as Wesley James called her,... Continue Reading →

Q&A with young adult author Jennifer Honeybourn

Wesley James Ruined My Life, published by Swoon Reads, releases July 18 Q. Your book launches in July. Can you please tell me what you are doing to celebrate the launch. A.  Now that we’re getting close to the release... Continue Reading →

Cindy Anstey talks Regency period, travel, the Swoon Reads community, writing and Duels & Deceptions

Nova Scotia author Cindy Anstey's latest book Duels & Deceptions ($15.99, Raincoast Books, Swoon Reads) came out earlier this month, and I had the pleasure of asking the author a number of questions about her characters, her writing process and... Continue Reading →

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