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Get your kids brains active this summer with these books and game from Raincoast Books

Keep kids learning this summer without realizing it with these books from Raincoast Books.

Learn about the 40 strange creatures that live in in Earth’s oceans

Fascinating facts about some of the ocean's "strangest" creatures.

DK Books’ How to Measure Everything is just plain fun

DK Books makes learning about measuring fun.

Books to keep your kids reading – and learning – this summer

I can't believe it's August already. I feel as though the summer is flying by. And while my plan was to do some structured school-type activities with my son, I haven't got around to it yet and feel I likely... Continue Reading →

New ideas for STEM projects in DK Books’ Scratch Challenge Workbook

Since my older brother got my eight-year-old son a book about Scratch, a free online coding program where you can design projects for yourself or to share, he has done a lot of projects – both his own, using variations... Continue Reading →

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