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Second World War

Q&A with Markham author Wendy Poole about Remembering, set during the Second World War

In this author interview, Wendy Poole talks how her mom's stories about the war years inspired her new book, Remembering: A Time of Great Purpose.

Remembering – part history book, part memoir and an interesting read

Remembering, by Markham resident Wendy Poole, shows the Canadian perspective of the Second World War. There is the right amount of historical information and story, which made for an interesting read.

Author Tom Palmer shows what life was like for children freed from concentration camps in After the War

Based on a true story, author Tom Palmer helps us look at what life was like for children who survived the Holocaust and what it takes to heal.

The Song From Somewhere Else, Louder Than Words and Snazzy Cat Capers reviewed

Book based on a true story during the Second World War; cats; and a song from someplace else - middle grade books reviewed.

Shouting it from the rafters – The Lady with the Books is a must-read and the true story of Jella Lepman must be shared

An amazing story about an amazing woman, Jella Lepman, who saw the importance of books in helping children recover from the Second World War.

Graphic novel is based on a true story of Japanese-American internment camps during the Second World War

Great illustrations and a unique way to share information about a time in our past.

Light Over London is a perfect beach read – easy to read, great characters and an interesting mystery

I was in the mood for a light read and somehow Light of Over London, by Julia Kelly fit the bill, which is weird considering the fiction book is set, partially, during the Second World War. Cara Hargraves is helping... Continue Reading →

Catching up on my reading: The List; The Taste of Rain; Sled Dog School; and Albert Hopper, Science Hero reviewed

A dystopian middle grade, a different look at the Second War, Dog Sled School and scientist frogs - a mix of books reviewed for young readers.

Graphic novel shares stories of six Holocaust survivors

This graphic novel shares the stories of six Jewish children who survived the Holocaust.

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