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Beautiful story with the perfect ending in My Name is Konisola

If you remove two parts of the book I didn't like, you'll find a beautiful story about love, and doing anything for it, and finding family.

Thanks to The Mozart’s Girl, this talented musician gets a chance to shine in this middle grade book

Mozart's talented sister Nannerl gets the deserved spotlight in The Mozart Girl.

Learning more about the Second World War through a family trapped on the Gothic Line

War in My Town is based on the true story of a young girl, whose beloved Italian village becomes the last stronghold of the Nazis.

When We Were Shadows is based on the true story of a family in the Hidden Village and the Dutch Resistance who helped them

This book for young readers touches on a story I haven't read much about - the Dutch Resistance.

The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser is a good read for kids just learning about the Holocaust

The Secret of Gabi's Dresser is a great read for kids just learning about the Holocaust. November is Holocaust Education Month.

Getting a new look at the life of Anne Frank in Second Story Press’ All About Anne

Created by the Anne Frank House, All About Anne offers a new look into the life and murder of Anne and her family.

Excellent read in Second Story Press’ A Fist Around the Heart

A Fist Around the Heart is an excellent read and touches on Jewish persecution, family, women's rights and mental health.

Learning about bats, trash, love, Mr. Mergler and Jane Jacobs with these picture books

Learn about bats, trash and more with these non-fiction picture books.

Blog tour: Speaking with Toronto author Jennifer Gold about On The Spectrum, Paris and eating disorders

Second Story Press invited me to participate in a blog tour promoting Toronto author Jennifer Gold's latest book On the Spectrum about Clara, who growing up in the shadow of a famous mother, has never felt good about her body.... Continue Reading →

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