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Loving Rose Reisman’s latest cookbook – Meal Revolution

I am excited about cooking - and eating - thanks to Rose Reisman's Meal Revolution.

6 questions for Bob Blumer about his latest cookbook, Flavorbomb: A rogue guide to making everything taste better

Bob Blumer's latest cookbook helps the new and seasoned cook create flavourbombs - dishes bursting with flavour. He answers 6 question in this Q&A.

Can’t go wrong with a cookbook full of dessert – DK’s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook reviewed

All the desert recipes you have every wanted to make created keto-style by Aaron Day (no relation).

I am going vegetarian – occassionally – thanks to DK’s the vegetarian cookbook

the vegetarian cookbook by DK is going to do what no other cookbook has done before - help me eat less meat.

DK’s Modern Flexitarian cookbook offers the commitment-shy choices – vegetarian, vegan or meat

This full-colour DK cookbook offers you a choice - vegetarian, vegan and meat.

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook offers part comic book, part joke book and a lot of cooking knowledge

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Pierre A. Lamielle ($28.70, Raincoast Books, Familius LLC) is one the most unique cookbook I have seen. The full-colour cookbook offers “essential skills and recipes every young chef should know” but also offers... Continue Reading →

Camping got even more delicious with DK’s The Campfire Cookbook

Eat well on your next camping trip thanks to DK's The Campfire Cookbook.

Celebrate friendship with David Wood’s Cooking For Friends cookbook

Lots of information, easy sounding recipes - and a creator who understands the importance of dessert every day.

Talking to chef, beer and wine sommelier Tonia Wilson about Beer at My Table cookbook

Chef, wine and beer sommelier Tonia Wilson creates recipes inspired by the best beers to drink in each season.

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