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psychological thriller

Author keeps you guessing in Your Truth or Mine

Quick read that will kept you guessing until the end.

Fast but disturbing read in Toronto resident Jennifer Hillier’s Jar of Hearts

Fast read, great characters, horrific details in this thriller set today and 14 years in the past.

Kimberly Belle’s Three Days Missing is a fast summer read

Three Days Missing is a fast-paced summer read.

Whistle in the Dark kept you reading and wondering throughout the book

Whistle in the Dark will keep you reading until the end.

The French Girl, a psychological thriller, kept me reading and guessing right to the end

I have two book blogs. This one, Book Time, where I read just about anything, and a book review blog at, where I review books that inspire me to travel to various destinations. You would think books that inspire... Continue Reading →

Daughter turns in serial killer mother in Ali Land’s fabulous book Good Me Me Bad

Wow - what a read by Ali Land. Good Me Me Bad ($36.99, Raincoast Books, Flatiron Books) follows the story of Annie, who turns in her serial killer mother - who murdered a number of children – in order to... Continue Reading →

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