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Beautiful message in Matt Haig’s The Truth Pixie Goes to School

Beautiful message about the importance of loving yourself at the end of this book by Matt Haig.

Reviewing picture books that begin with The (from The Dog Who Wanted to Fly to The Yellow Suitcase)

I review picture books that begin with The and talk about death, dreams and the importance of finding people like yourself.

Talking about Black History Month and wondering if In Plain Sight, Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel and I, Too, Sing America, Three Centuries of African American Poetry make the cut

February is Black History Month. I have problems with Black History Month, and most months that celebrate one group of people over another. It's not to say that I don't understand the importance of celebrating a group of people's past,... Continue Reading →

There once was a hedgehog, a horse, a wolf and a honeybee – picture books starring animals

I read something on Twitter recently that suggested we shouldn't rush our kids to stop reading picture books. I couldn't agree more. There are some truly beautiful picture books out there, including these four that star animals as their main... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Toronto poet Dennis Lee about Melvis and Elvis

#BookTime #Reviews: winter and Black History Month

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