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Friendship, family, imagination and On Account of the Gum: picture books reviewed

A variety of picture books including those about friendship, family and gum in your hair.

Q&A with author Christiane Dorion about her latest book Into the Forest and the power kids have to change the world

Q&A with Christiane Dorion about her latest book for kids - Into the Forest.

Picture books that make you laugh, cry and shake your head

Some beautiful picture books so far this month. I have some favourites, which made me laugh out loud and also cry.

Picture books about homelessness, finding your identity and foster care

These picture books tackle some serious issues - homelessness, foster care, mental health and finding your identify.

Q&A with Nicholas Oldland, creative director of Hatley clothing and author of books featuring Bear, Moose and Beaver

Bear, Moose and Beaver return in Nicholas Oldland's latest book Hockey in the Wild. I interview the author/illustrator/clothing maker in this Q&A.

Inspiring, beautiful – in message and pictures – this book is for children and adults to remember how to live life to the fullest

Everything about this picture book is beautiful message and pictures - and would be great for kids of all ages, and their adults.

Celebrating Halloween and fall with picture books

Perfect day to read about unicorns and pumpkins, fall migration and nuts that fall from trees and pinecones that are all squirrels.

How to Cook a Princess – a step-by-step guide on how to prepare, cook and eat princesses – is not for kids

How to Cook a Princess is funny, but also gross. And a bit sick. This is not a Halloween book for a little one.

Mindfulness, the Most Important Mathematician You’ve Never Heard of and Voices of Justice: picture books reviewed

Mindfulness, woman mathematician (you never heard of before) and Voices of Justice picture books reviewed.

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