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Powerful book: The Postcard by Anne Berest reviewed

Anne Berest writes a powerful story in The Postcard. In 2003, the Berest family receives an anonymous postcard with four names on it - Ephraim, Emma, Noemie and Jacque, who were all murdered at Auschwitz. Fifteen years later, Anne is "moved to discover who sent it and why."

Feelings of panic and anxiety – you should read None of this Serious

Despite the feelings of panic and anxiety, this coming-of-age young adult book is a great read.

Couldn’t stop reading: The Eye of the Beholder reviewed

Fast pace, great characters. Margie Orford's latest book, The Eye of the Beholder, kept you reading right from Page 1.

Another great read in Karen Swan’s latest: The Chirstmas Postcards

Karen Swan's latest book - a kickoff to my Christmas reading - is set in Cotswolds village and the Himalayan foothills and offers great characters and an interesting story.

Fast read in Rosie Walsh’s latest book The Love of My Life

The Love of My LIfe is one of those books you can't say much in fear of spoiling everything.

What a read – Perumal Murugan’s Pyre

What a tough read and the ending! What an ending.

Powerful book, great read in Small Things Like These

Small Things LIke These is a powerful, non-fiction story based on the true events of the Magdalen laundries in Ireland.

Block off an afternoon for Karen Swan’s latest Midnight in the Snow

Karen Swan's latest book was a bit slow to start, but once it hooked me in, I was committed to the end.

OCD, Crete and hockey – books reviewed

Another great book from Wesley KIng, this one with a young man trying to deal with OCD alone until he meets someone who may see right through him. Also reviewed, the latest by Nadia Marks, and a hockey picture book.

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