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The Secret Path – another great book by Karen Swan

Karen Swan does it again in The Secret Path - great characters and an amazing location. A great book to escape into.

Forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod looks for a victim in a potential crime scene in Time for the Dead to have their revenge..

This is the 14th book of the series. When you read it, you realize you are missing a lot, but it is still a good read.

Set in post-war Britain, Wedding Bells for Woolworths is a quick read with lots of characters

Wedding Bells for Woolworths is the perfect beach read - for the most part light and a fast read. Be warned through, there are lots of characters who seem to to be all related.

Great characters, setting in Joanna Rees’ The Runaway Daughter

Set in the 1920s, we follow the story about a young lady, forced to commit a terrible crime, who flees to London, England, and reinvents herself, meeting a host of characters along the way.

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