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Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun and Marty Chan’s Haunted Hospital reviewed

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and Haunted Hospital by Marty Chan are great, fast reads that will hold your attention from start to finish.

Q&A with Canadian author Michael F. Stewart about Heart Sister, the importance of organ donation and his “uneven” writing process

Book Time interviews Ottawa, ON, author Michael F. Stewart about his latest young adult book Heart Sister, his writing process and death, organ donation and the grieving process.

Heartbreaking, but great read in Eric Walters’ The King of Jam Sandwiches by Orca Book

Based on author Eric Walters' childhood, The King of Jam Sandwiches shares the story of Robbie, who is not like most 13 year olds.

Book Time reviews The Pain Eater, Moonshot, mysteries and kid’s books

Q&A with author Eric Walters

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