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Join Polly Diamond and Spell as they create a Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair

Go on a reading adventure with Alice Kuiper's Polly Diamond and he Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair.


Fast read that keeps you guessing in Hannah Mary McKinnon’s Her Secret Son

Her Secret Son is a fast read that is worth the time you will be thinking about it afterward.

Big words, fun words, small stories, great illustrations in The Traveling Dustball

Be irked while lollygagging around with Davey and Abigail in The Traveling Dustball.

Poop, farts and anal-gland perfume are some of the interesting facts in Stinky Science

All the things you wanted to know - and didn't - about stinky science. You might want to avoid perfume - and sloths.

Author Kwame Alexander curates Versify, a HMH imprint that offers accessible and powerful prose and poetry

Poet, educator and author Kwame Alexander curates Versify, an imprint that provides accessible and powerful prose and poetry.

Good characters, lots of action in the middle grade book The Giant from the Fire Sea

Be prepared for Giant-speak if reading The Giant From the Fire Sea aloud.

Beautiful read in Karen Swan’s latest book The Spanish Promise

Clear off your schedule - I read Karen Swan's latest The Spanish Promise in a day.

Embrace your community with these 7 picture books

These picture books celebrate belonging and community, whatever your community may be.

Q&A with Canadian writer Kate A. Boorman about her young adult psychological thriller What We Buried

Author Kate A Boorman talks writing and editing a physiological thriller, living in France and missing Canada - but not its weather.

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